Accountancy and business advice

From hands-on help with books and payroll to the opportunity to work through the options with people who really understand business, Briants has the accountancy services you need.

Practical support matters. Outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll can save huge amounts of time and reduce the risk of costly errors. And sometimes, people just want their personal or corporation tax return done, with the least fuss possible.

Planning and strategy are important, too. The UK tax system is notoriously complex and just keeps getting more so. That means it all too easy to miss out on allowances and tax reliefs that could save you a fortune or, worse, to get so confused you end up over-claiming and getting yourself in trouble. We’ll look at your financial affairs, both personal and business, and make recommendations on how you can avoid unnecessary tax, while fulfilling your statutory obligations.

And, finally, there’s nothing like frank advice from someone with fresh eyes. There’s not much as fulfilling as helping business owners develop a clear vision of their business goals, what needs to be done to achieve them and how they can find the investment to make it happen. From business planning to startup coaching, Briants has what it takes.

Business and individual services

We know that for most entrepeneurs the line between personal and business isn’t clear cut, to say the least, but we handle everything from self-assessment tax returns to high-level strategic advice for startups and established companies.

For businesses

The support of experienced accountants and finance professionals, with hands-on support, strategic advice and everything between.

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For individuals

We’re a family business that understands family finances. From self-assessment to inheritance tax planning, you’re in safe hands.

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Our services work

The accountancy and business advice services we offer deliver real results for our clients. In these testimonials, you’ll find out how the work we do helps them save on tax, invest in their businesses and claw back time. Whether it’s management information, honest advice or practical support with compliance, we can help you achieve your business and personal goals.

“Briants have played an invaluable role in guiding me through the first four years of my business, always very reassuring, I can recommend them highly.”

Jack Gifford Naval Architect Ltd

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