Corporate tax planning

Corporation tax not only costs a lot in financial terms – administering it can also be a huge drain on your time, energy and morale.

These days, the reporting obligations are onerous, HMRC investigations are more likely than ever and the penalties can be crushing.

On the upside, though – if there’s ever an upside to tax – there’s an opportunity here to significantly improve your bottom line and make your business more competitive.

The secret is efficient tax planning based on expert advice born out of years of practical experience.

Every decision you make about your business, from how it is structured to the way you handle the acquisition or disposal of assets, has an effect on your annual corporation tax bill.

Taking the time to review and reflect, with our guidance, could make all the difference. As accountants with a particular focus on business, we’ll help you identify tax reliefs specific to your sector, and seize every available advantage.

And when the plan is in place, we can also handle your final corporation tax return, ensuring that every detail is right and all the deadlines are met, no sweat.

Business tax planning includes;
  • Business and tax structures
  • Allowances and tax reliefs
  • Advice on capital or revenue tax treatment
  • Reducing tax on disposals
  • Maximising relief on acquisitions
  • Compliance with statutory obligations
  • Acting for you in dealings with HMRC

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