Accountancy is about recording and reporting on the financial performance of a business while audit is about challenging and testing those accounts.

As a rule, limited companies have to be audited by law, unless they qualify as exempt – because they count as a small business, for example.

But savvy businesses often choose to be audited regardless of whether they’re obliged to be because of the many positive benefits.

In most cases, the accountancy firm that prepares your accounts won’t be the one that handles your audit – that’s just good, sensible practice.

A thorough audit can help make your business stronger and better equipped to handle shocks and strains in the future. It also gives investors, lenders and other stakeholders confidence in your management.

Briants has years’ of experience in both preparing accounts for audit and in undertaking audits. We’ve audited sole traders, partnerships and limited liability companies, in all sorts of industries and sectors.

We are able to offer assistance in many other areas including grant claim and subsidies, and would be glad to discuss any matters with you.

A Briants audit will give you…
  • An accurate account of your financial position
  • Chance to identify and fix areas of weakness
  • Advice on those fixes
  • A detailed audit report
  • Comprehensive management letter

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