Self assessment

Having the public manage their own tax returns via an online portal might be more efficient for HMRC but it creates a major headache for busy people up and down the UK.

Because it’s more stressful and complicated than it ought to be, many people put it off, and off, and off…

Every year, statistics are released by HMRC showing hundreds of thousands of returns submitted on the day of the 31 January deadline. Similar numbers of taxpayers miss the deadline altogether, incurring an immediate penalty, and risking further fines.

Even those who do get their returns in on time are often befuddled by oddly-worded questions on the online form, or simply don’t understand how their own financial affairs are organised. As a result, they submit incorrect figures, fail to provide the necessary evidence or simply throw out paperwork they ought to have kept.

Our self-assessment service simply takes this job off your plate.

Because we complete hundreds of tax returns each year, and live and breathe tax law all year round, they’re not at all daunting to us. We speak the same language as the taxman and get it right the first time, on time, every time.

With your permission, we’ll work with your banks, building societies, stockbrokers and so on to get all the information we need for your return.

We’ll then calculate how much tax you owe, taking into account any available allowances to keep the bill down, and submit the return on your behalf. If HMRC has any questions, we’ll handle those, too.

Personal tax service;
  • Advice on record keeping
  • Liaison with banks and brokers
  • Calculation of tax bill
  • Processing of return
  • Handling HMRC queries
  • Support with tax investigations

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