Corporate finance

Most businesses rely on external finance to get off the ground or to support periods of intense growth – but securing finance isn’t always easy.

That’s where Briants comes in.

With our contacts across Cornwall and the Midlands, and at all points between, we can open doors and help you make connections to fund your future.

We’ll also help you shape the evidence to support those conversations, from rock-solid feasibility studies based on hard numbers to business plans and budgets.

We form lasting partnerships with our clients and that extends to standing by your side in presentations to potential investors or lenders, if you need it.

There are lots of options including ‘bootstrapping’ using your own personal capital, bank overdrafts, long-term commercial loans or mortgages, national and regional funding agencies, venture capital or equity capital.

And if the most promising avenue for funding proves to be merging with or acquiring another business, we can support you through the financial and practical aspects of that process, too.

We can help you; 
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Decide on sources of finance
  • Prepare business plans, forecasts and prospectuses
  • Present proposals
  • Arrange disposals, mergers and acquisitions
  • Arrange management buyouts or buy-ins

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