Payroll is both a matter of routine and an absolutely vital function – a recurring task that has to be got absolutely right. Otherwise, your staff might face personal difficulty and you could find yourself in breach of the law.

Our advice to businesses without their own dedicated finance teams is to outsource payroll to an accountant.

That way, you can more or less forget about this fiddly job, safe in the knowledge that our experienced, professional team is on the case.

We’ll handle everything including setting up new starters, processing leavers, pensions, National Insurance (NICs) and redundancies.

Statutory deductions such as child maintenance and student loans, and payments such as tax credits, are also covered.

Maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay, sick pay and other employee entitlements are an integral part of the service.

And we’ll take the paperwork of your desk, literally: our service also includes the processing of forms such as the P60 and P11d and the generation of customised or generic payslips.

The technicalities over which non-professionals sometimes stumble, such as assessing what counts as a taxable benefit in kind, are bread and butter to us so you won’t have to worry about errors.

Pensions auto-enrolment

Since 2012, employers have been obliged under law to automatically enrol employees in a workplace pension. The rule applies to businesses of any size and covers all staff earning more than £10,000 a year, aged between 22 and state pension age. 

We can support you with implementing a workplace pension scheme that complies with the Government’s rules. That includes training for you and your management team on your obligations, processing of opt-in and opt-out requests via your pensions provider, and integration with the payroll process.

Outsourced payroll includes;
  • Starters and leavers
  • Pensions auto-enrolment
  • Tax codes and code changes
  • Payslip generation
  • Taxable benefits and P11Ds
  • Student loan recovery
  • Tax credit processing
  • Statutory pay processing
  • Child maintenance orders
  • ‘Give as you earn’ charity payments
  • Redundancy pay
  • Advice on tax and NICs
  • Processing payments through BACS
  • Employee pay queries
  • Payroll reports
  • Production of year-end P60s

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